Don’t Let A Zit Ruin Your Day

Dang, I woke up with a mortifying zit by my eye!!  This zit is SO BIG it changes my profile. lol.

I have seriously thought about hibernating until this zit goes away.  I made an appointment to the dermatologist (because I think it’s a boil) 😮

Anyway, after planning ways to not live my life, and staring in the mirror looking at this huge zit as if it has a happy face laughing at me, sticking it’s tongue out saying “hahahahaaaaaa” and i’m there thinking “oh no, I look awful-I can’t be seen like this”- I realized- wow- am I really going write off four days of my life due to this ONE ZIT (boil 😦 )

Yeah…..  or…no???

What’s the worse that could happen?  People see my face and laugh, people think i’m decaying?

If they did, hey- it can only go up from here!  Next week, clear complexion.  It could all be redeemed.

What kind of hero- to myself would If a zit made me allergic to shining?  Damn, I’m not that simple of being done in as garlic is to vampires.

Eff it, quit relying on vanity for confidence, as Judge Judy says- “Beauty fades, stupid is forever”.  Do you really want to be a sum of your looks on a “good day”?  Or do you want to have con where no matter what, you can rely on your heart and mind?

Why sacrifice your fun for something so small like a zit?  Fun isn’t on a credit card- and if you have a zit, your fun gets declined.  You choose your thoughts.  You choose the people you surround yourself with.  And YOU choose your reactions.  My point is, love yourself no matter what.  When you’re 89 years old, this day won’t matter- but the day you accept your Emmy Award, will.  With each day passing, are you contributing to your goal?  If no, stop your excuses.  You choose if it’s going to be a good day, not your zit.  Your zit (or boil :o) doesn’t have any power at all.

Unicorn pimple <3
Unicorn pimple ❤

How To Talk On The Phone Comfortably

You are in your own world… looking at the trees sway with the wind, smelling the beautiful landscaped flowers, feeling pleather case of your phone, playing with the magnet that connects it all, then RING RING RINNNNNNG!!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!  THE PHONE!!!!!!! AHHHHH A NUMBER I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!! AHHHHH It could be ANYBODY!!!  A telemarketer, an old crush, THE PRESIDENT!  So you stare at this buzzing box, with the urgency of a crying baby– what do you do??

Well, back in the day- I would just stare at my phone- and freeze until it was too late!!  (Totally being dramatic, but hey I like exaggeration in blog posts)   The call would pass, and have to face fear, calling them back!!! Yikes.

But all things aside, this is massive time waster AND waste of energy!  Enough of that!  Here is your phone- anxiety graduation course!  Just follow these steps- and congratulations, you’ve graduated on to enjoying life 15% more!

1) Channel anxiety- into excitement when phone rings

2) Answer phone confidently (how?  By thinking “i’m awesome” while saying “hello?”

3)  While the person is blabbing, think “i’m a CEO my life, I know how to handle things”

4)  If they ask you a question, one that you have to commit to, give yourself a space cushion, by saying “I appreciate you for asking, however, I believe I may have something going on- let me get back to you on that”

5)  Don’t let phone ring more than twice!  The more time goes by, the more anxiety and more you will get in your head!

6)  If person is wasting your time, you have the power to say, I’m sorry- I have to go!

7)  If you have a pen and paper handy- jot down key things they say- so you can circle back to it later in the conversation.  Sometimes people babble sooooo much, by the time they finish talking- you’ve forgot what their point was.  This helps you, help them, stay on track to their point.

8)  When on the phone, think about “what is my point?” and get to that-

9) After you have made your point, PAUSE.  Be comfortable with the silence, nothing is more annoying then talking on phone when person goes on and on and on.

10) Closer:  Alright, well I appreciate you calling- I will talk to you soon!  (pause- wait for response) BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Enjoy the less stress and bon-voyage to sailing more smoothly with lighter baggage 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.53.19 PM

Intelligence is NOT One-Dimensional


Nature -> Brain -> Technology

Why do so many people, including science writers, talk about intelligence as if it could be measured on a one-dimensional yardstick?

In “How We Evolve” Benjamin Phelan discusses the work of Bruce Lahn, who did controversial research on genetic differences among human populations that are correlated with brain size and brain function. At one point, discussing natural selection in contemporary humans, Phelan states, “…if intelligence is still under selection, that could mean that some populations at this very moment are slightly smarter than others – that, perhaps, some ethnicities are slightly smarter than others.”

Phelan is wise to be cautious and skeptical in how he reports on this subject. Basically I think this is a great article. But, like so many other writers, he makes an error in his choice of words. The use of the term “smarter”, is misguided…it is moot. The very notion that any group of humans could be “smarter” than another group is…

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Curvin’ Cravings!

Ordering takeout- and one person wants sushi and you want hot wings?  What a serious fight!  No, seriously- food has as much addictive reaction as cocaine pretty much except food can’t kill you right on the spot.  It’s something that to anyone on the outside looking would be like “DUDE.  It’s NO BIG DEAL!  Just order something!!”- but they’re the one who wants what you don’t want.  But coming on sort of agreement with what to eat makes me grouchy!!!!!!!!!

So me and my boyfriend ordered takeout- and I was CRAVING Italian food!!!   CRAVING!!  I wanted those tomatoes and stringy mozzarella cheese!!  He wanted Chinese food 😦  But my brain couldn’t get off that craving!!!!

SO how to deal?  Either negotiate to get what you want using LOGIC and not EMOTION!!  Meaning speak a thesis paper to your friend “reasons why we should get — (insert what you want)

OR accept that “it’s okay, it’s JUST FOOD!!!” Scramble what foods you already have to fulfill your craving, and BREATHE.  Inhale…. hold……exhale……

and DON’T CRITICIZE the food when it gets here!!  I know you want to slam the food and hate on it when it arrives- and just looking at your friend who won on the “where to get takeout” argument- who is shoving his/her face all happily- makes you kind of want them to owe you several apologies “man, I wish we ordered where you wanted, here let’s get it right now!!” and then fix the solution by going right out and getting what you wanted.

BUT NO.  Sometimes in life, you have to be the bigger person.

SO- accept the reality.  I accept we didn’t get Italian food.

2. Fix yourself something freakin better than what you originally wanted in your pantry!!!

3.  Find ways that is pretty good

4.  Find ways you are already fulfilled in life.

5.  APPRECIATE THAT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE FOOD!!!!!  So many people in this world don’t even have food!!

but I wanted mozerellaaaaa cheeseeeee :(
but I wanted mozerellaaaaa cheeseeeee 😦

Book Club!! “Feeling Good” By David D Burns

Hey!! Every Saturday, join me for book club!! I chose “Feeling Good” By David D. Burns as I was starting to think about how much I want to deal with any negativity or any thing where i’m holding myself back- to get rid of my heavy mind baggage!!! Done with “ohhhhhh the agonyyyy” lol.

I feel like since I was younger, I catastophized situations that caused unnecessary pain- so much time wasted overthinking- and then avoiding and procrastinating my dreams. I don’t want to live a life where I put myself on hold do to fear. So ready to face these fears and live a more bold life!! Rawrrrrrrr!!!!

I read the first four chapters, and talks about how your feelings are linked to your thoughts. That depression isn’t because of how you FEEL, but what you are thinking. The way you think is a direct correlation to how you feel.

This is so interesting, because this could explain the whole “laws of attraction” theory- for instance, you stub your toe in the morning and think “welp- this is going to be one heck of a day….” and sure enough the whole day events happen that lead you to throw your hands in the air and think “why does everything bad happen to me?!?!?” WELL– because you are seeing life through negative “poor me” lenses!

Dr. Burns then gives a list of cognitive distortions, to question yourself and turn those negative thoughts that are an illusion, into reality- truth of what that thought really is.

1. All or nothing– black or white thinking
2. Overgeneralization — “always” “never”
3. Mental filtering—- dwelling on negative detail
4. Disqualifying the positive — ignoring positive- turning it into negative
5. Jumping to conclusions— mind reading -assuming people looking down on you. Fourtune telling- predicting something bad is going to happen
6. Magnification/ miniminization— Not really big deal/big deal//// achievment- not important
7. Emotional reasoning—- procrastination– you feel lousy- so you are
8. Should— I “should” you “should”
9. Labeling– she’s so “rude”… ect….
10. Personalization — assuming responsibility what happened was your fault

In chapter four, I like how he talks about how your feelings of self-worth or adequacy are a correlation to your thoughts- as it was an awesome eye opener- as I now am seeing a solution to feeling so low—– THE COGNITIVE DISTORTION CHART!!! I am starting to see how when feeling low, I could take a thought I am having, and running it through the cognitive distortion chart to challenge the validity of that thought.

I love how he then gives an action plan with the cognitive distortions,
1. Write down the negative thoughts you have
2. Go through the chart- and see why they are distorted
3. Question the thought into a more realistic version “is it true?” “what’s the worst that could happen?”

He then talks about taking a piece of paper- draw three columns- first column- “Automatic Thoughts” middle column “Cognitive Distortion” and column on the right- “Rational Response”.

Join the book club!! Follow me here, and let’s meet every week to discuss four chapters!! This week was chapters 1-4, next week- we will discuss chapters 5-8!!!

I got my book “Feeling Good” by David D. Burns, off of Kindle- but available definitely off Amazon in book form, and most likely Barnes and Nobles.
Cheers to 2015- putting aside that negative chatter and shining!!!



Happy New Years!!! Goal #1: Save Money!! Solution: Make My Own Coffee!!!

Happpy New Years!!!!! I am choosing a realistic goal this year lol… SAVE MONEY!!! So, living in New York City- I LOVE CAFE’S!!!!!!! Boy do I love New York City coffee shops!!!!! Something about paying for a medium americano- for the exchange of a chair and table to rent for two or so hours with a window looking out to the sidewalks of Soho, just makes me feel sooo warm and cozy inside. BUT my love for the environment and caffine- has cost me about $5.00 per day 😡 Yes! $5.00! I become accustomed to fancy medium or large americanos 😡 Plus a dollar of course to tip the barista!

Should you tip the barista? OF COURSE!!! Before I worked as a barista, I never knew that! But yes- you tip a bartender- don’t you?! The barista makes your drink- and makes your sandwhiches! Dealing with people with caffine withdrawls isn’t pretty!

Anyway! So yeah- $5.00 a day on coffee- times seven equals…. $30.00 a week!! $30.00 multiply by four (weeks in month) equals $120!!! Whoaaaa!! I have been spending $120 a month, JUST ON COFFEE?!! 😡 whoops….

Okay, so cutting down!!! Making my coffee in the charming french press! Don’t know how to make coffee in a french press? I’ll show you!! Stay tuned for my tutorial video!

Tips on how to spice up coffee at home so it feels just like a gourmet cup at a fancy coffee shop 🙂 ❤ :
1. Your choice of milk, cream, soymilk, or almond milk
3. COCAO!!!
4. Honey
5. Butter and coconut oil!!! (YES BUTTER AND OIL!! It makes bulletproof coffee!!!—- hint: Kerrygold butter is deluctable! Grass fed :))