Intelligence is NOT One-Dimensional


Nature -> Brain -> Technology

Why do so many people, including science writers, talk about intelligence as if it could be measured on a one-dimensional yardstick?

In “How We Evolve” Benjamin Phelan discusses the work of Bruce Lahn, who did controversial research on genetic differences among human populations that are correlated with brain size and brain function. At one point, discussing natural selection in contemporary humans, Phelan states, “…if intelligence is still under selection, that could mean that some populations at this very moment are slightly smarter than others – that, perhaps, some ethnicities are slightly smarter than others.”

Phelan is wise to be cautious and skeptical in how he reports on this subject. Basically I think this is a great article. But, like so many other writers, he makes an error in his choice of words. The use of the term “smarter”, is misguided…it is moot. The very notion that any group of humans could be “smarter” than another group is…

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Happy New Years!!! Goal #1: Save Money!! Solution: Make My Own Coffee!!!

Happpy New Years!!!!! I am choosing a realistic goal this year lol… SAVE MONEY!!! So, living in New York City- I LOVE CAFE’S!!!!!!! Boy do I love New York City coffee shops!!!!! Something about paying for a medium americano- for the exchange of a chair and table to rent for two or so hours with a window looking out to the sidewalks of Soho, just makes me feel sooo warm and cozy inside. BUT my love for the environment and caffine- has cost me about $5.00 per day 😡 Yes! $5.00! I become accustomed to fancy medium or large americanos 😡 Plus a dollar of course to tip the barista!

Should you tip the barista? OF COURSE!!! Before I worked as a barista, I never knew that! But yes- you tip a bartender- don’t you?! The barista makes your drink- and makes your sandwhiches! Dealing with people with caffine withdrawls isn’t pretty!

Anyway! So yeah- $5.00 a day on coffee- times seven equals…. $30.00 a week!! $30.00 multiply by four (weeks in month) equals $120!!! Whoaaaa!! I have been spending $120 a month, JUST ON COFFEE?!! 😡 whoops….

Okay, so cutting down!!! Making my coffee in the charming french press! Don’t know how to make coffee in a french press? I’ll show you!! Stay tuned for my tutorial video!

Tips on how to spice up coffee at home so it feels just like a gourmet cup at a fancy coffee shop 🙂 ❤ :
1. Your choice of milk, cream, soymilk, or almond milk
3. COCAO!!!
4. Honey
5. Butter and coconut oil!!! (YES BUTTER AND OIL!! It makes bulletproof coffee!!!—- hint: Kerrygold butter is deluctable! Grass fed :))


If You Love Rice Pudding, You Gotta Go Here!

Last night my friend was like “can we please goto Rice To Riches?” I was like “what in the world is that?” Oh they sell RICE PUDDING ONLY?!! (besides a variety of teas and coffees) Wow! Yeah! Let’s go!

Rice To Riches is located in Soho-ish— 37 Spring Street- New York, NY. They have eighteen different rice pudding flavors plus- five different seasonal flavors. The only sing, is the pricing is a little steep for rice pudding- $7.50 for 1 serving (8oz) “solo” portion, $9.00 for epic portion (12 oz), ect- we got the “omni” portion- $12.50 for 18oz, three different flavors.

I was cravinnnng chocolate, but my boyfriend is allergic to nuts- so the two true chocolate flavors had nuts in it 😦 Hazelnut, and then Rocky Road flavor. So we settled on the vanilla one with chocolate chips. Also, they were out of the brownie topping 😦

We had the tiramisu flavor, chocolate chip, french toast- they were all pretty good- but I was still craving that decadent rich chocolate taste. But the two dudes lovvvved all flavors!!!

They were so wonderful to let my indecisive boyfriend taste taste several flavors without irritation. So! I would totally recommend trying this place as it is pretty unique, in one of my favorite parts of town, and it has a cool vibe!




Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are so beautiful. I wish that lights grew on trees just like flowers do. They make the night time seem like a beautiful magical place. For some reason, when I’m sitting in a place with Christmas lights I always feel safe. Maybe they remind me of stars. They are similar- they both have a self-timer- turn on- at 6pm, and off at 6pm. Could you imagine if the stars were all connected to an electrical outlet just like lights? Let’s just hope they keep paying the utility bills! What if the world is just a waterglobe for aliens?



“Oh, perms are probably healthy for your hair these days- with technology and all”

Hair texture before perm
Hair texture before perm
before perm....
before perm….
During perm at Arrogo Cosmotology School in NY NY
During perm at Arrogo Cosmotology School in NY NY
post perm
post perm





For some reason I always wanted a perm.  Ways I rationalized getting a perm:

*Oh with the technology out today, I’m sure a perm is actually healthy for your hair”

*It will be better for my hair in the long run, as instead of using a curling iron on my hair everyday- I’ll never have to use heat on my hair”

*It will make me feel more confident.  Because I can wake up, and go!”

*I’ll recover the cost of what I would spend on perm, as I would have to get less blow-outs”


But whenever I would tell people I wanted a perm, they would be like “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”.  Not even a “your natural hair texture is fine, don’t touch it” but a shrieking “DON’T YOU DARE DO A PERM!!”  Followed up by a story of a relative who got one back in the 60’s, or 80’s.

Now.  I’m impulsive.  If I shouldn’t do something, I just need to have.  I just need to have it.  So!  Researching perms, I found the Arrojo “American Wave Perm”.

The pictures of the finished result of the American Wave Perm look awesome- Tousled, natural- Cosmopolitan magazine ready to go, hair.  Plus- there is an Arrojo cosmotology school right in Manhattan, which I could get that school discount!

So! Got the appointment, and ready to go!

Let me phrase this, the Arrojo cosmetology school is fantastic, the bedside manner, professionalism, excellent.  But the perm?  Maybe for my particular hair, it just wasn’t for, because my hair went from nice thick hair, but occasional frizz- to triangle head- electrocuted human who is shedding my hair for no reason, no season.  If I fingercombed my hair, handfull of hair would come out each time.

My hair felt crispier than a Pringle potato chip.

So?  Mom, yes you were right.  Aunt Joanne, yes you were right.  Everyone else, yes you were right.  I wouldn’t recommend a perm.  What matters to you more?  The option of healthy hair that you can make choices with?  Or crispy brittle damaged hair that falls out, and you don’t have any option but to smother your hair in leave-in-conditioners that don’t actually repair your hair, but just mask the damage.
But hey, atleast I learned my lesson!

Now!  Solution for this crispy mop?  Grow it out, and cut it.  So it has been six months since I got the perm, and now on to getting a good haircut, beyond a trim!

I have my appointment all set for tomorrow night, so I’ll keep you posted how it goes!